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Shelly Knows Mortgages is a boutique Mortgage Brokerage, serving clients across Ontario. We specialize in Commercial Mortgages, Luxury Home Mortgages, Private Lending & Investment Opportunities. Our custom-tailored concierge services provide our clients with guaranteed results through our established relationships with the industry's top Lenders.

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How We Serve You

Commercial Mortgages

Commercial financing can be complex. It helps to have a partner on your side to save time, money and alleviate stress throughout the multifaceted lending process. The Shelly Knows Mortgages Team is here to do just that. Our team is dedicated to finding the best solution for your commercial mortgage needs.

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Luxury Home Mortgages

The housing market is booming, and the way it behaves is pushing the threshold for luxury housing in the upward direction. Shopping for a luxury home can be a very exciting process, especially when you think about finding the dream home that could be yours for the rest of your life. Finding the financing needed to purchase your luxury home is equally as important as the home itself. You can finance a luxury home with our creative mortgage programs designed to help people looking for high-end real estate financing for homes worth over $5 million.

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Investment Opportunities

The Shelly Knows Mortgages team believes investment properties are a great way to build your wealth and achieve your financial goals. It is an integral part of our services as we assist many real estate investors with structuring their mortgage financing for their real estate portfolios with their financial goals at the core of the plan. Buying an investment property is rapidly becoming the preferred investing method in recent times, and as real estate investors ourselves, we understand the comprehensive structuring required for your mortgage.

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Private Lending

Shelly Knows Mortgages specializes in arranging private money real estate loans. We are a direct lender & we pride ourselves on rapid, personalized service while delivering the fairest rates and closing costs available. We are true asset-based (hard money) lenders not requiring tax returns, credit checks or bank statements. We offer both residential investment property and commercial investment mortgages.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Expertise

Shelly Knows Mortgages is built on a solid foundation with more than a decade of serving the industry and creating creative solutions for our clients.

Our Process

The Shelly Knows Mortgages Team offers only the best. The best team, systems, and technology combined to offer our clients an exceptional level of service. From the client's initial contact until the post-funding process, we help our clients and create a concierge-like experience for them.

What We Believe

The Shelly Knows Mortgages Team believes that the mortgage process should be as quick, transparent and straightforward as possible. We know that every client deserves a strategy catered to their needs, which fits their lifestyle and helps them build and sustain their wealth.

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Shelly Knows Mortgages is a boutique luxury real estate and commercial mortgage brokerage. We pride ourselves on providing a concierge-level customer experience catered to serving our clients and helping them to build and grow their wealth. Our process caters to our clients by providing a concierge-like feel to their mortgage experience. We are here to assist you!

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